Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Family's in Florida!

Buzz? Uncle Frank?
-flight attendant lady- We're the last ones off the plane!
Where are those guys? -goes to look out the window- Excuse me! But
this is an emergency!!
Yes? Sir?
What city is that out there?
... ... That's New York, sir...
-whispering- Yikes I did it again...
Something wrong, sir?
-still whispering- I'll be fine... Oh no, my family's in Florida and
I'm in New York... My family's in Florida? I'm in... New York :)

Hey howdy hey everybody! It's been awhile. Well, a couple of weeks
anyway. I wish I could tell you guys all sorts of stories about really
awesome things like, just off the top of my head, that we found Jack
Johnson's house that he was here in Korea and that we're going to try
to talk to him in the next few days and baptize him
(ahem, FIRST by the way, first), but... I don't actually know if he
has a house here or not, we still need to find it. Anyway! As is
classic during this season, I just had to quote some Home Alone. I
just had to. I was debating about changing it to "my family's in Utah,
my sister's in Hawaii and I'm in... Seoul" but that would be taking
it too far.

This was a good past week. I got transferred yet again to a place
called KangDong, my companion is an Elder Griffin who apparently,
exciting fact here, was in Proctor's math class at Utah State! So!
That was really fun to hear. He tells me he didn't talk much with him,
but when I mentioned the Van Dyke, he knew exaclty who I was talking
about ;)

This area that I'm in right now is the kind of area where we don't
have any investigators yet so we do lots and lots of talking to people
on the street. We run into a lot of fun people, I will try to pay more
attention to them so I can tell you the stories later. Just a fun
fact, drinking is a huge part of Korean culture, so a lot of the
people we talk to area really happy to see us when we first talk to
them! But then they sober up when we try to contact them again and
then they use words that I don't know and haven't had the courage to
look up yet ;)

But there is a really inspiring story that is told in this mission.
The bishop of a ward in my greenie district had a story that just
keeps me going. His story in a nutshell is that during a really rough
time of his life, he had turned to drinking. One night he's out
drinking and partying with his friends, he runs into the missionaries
on the way from one bar to another. They start talking to him and he
reacts in a way that may or may not surprise you. He started swearing
and threatening and shaking his fists at them, so they of course
backed off. This was in the evening or so. On the way home these
missionaries find him on the side of the street passed out from all
the alcohol he had. Kind of as a joke, one of the missionaries put a
Book of Mormon on top of him and left. As for the rest of the story,
I'm sure you can guess it. After all I already told you he is the
bishop of a ward now. He read the whole book that next week and the
Spirit in that book changed everything. Such is the power of the Book
of Mormon. Don't ever take it for granted. Don't let yours sit on a
shelf or a table somewhere. Read and study it as often as you can.

Good Luck God Bless God Speed
Elder Annen