Here is another little reunion... Jeremy with his trainer, Elder Choi,
and Elder Choi's trainer, Elder Christensen.

The fun has arriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiived! Thank you very much!
Turk what took you so long?!
I had a little pest control problem but it's all taken care of... WHOA OWW....
Hey guys!
Turk what is this?! Some kind of a joke?! Tell me I'm not looking at
the hairless wonder...
Well, Turk said I could come along if I could keep up..
-whispering- I'll handle this guys, Ok? -normal- Lusten buddy come
here! We gotta tiny itsy bitsy  problem here. Personally, I love to
hang out with you you know I do, but the guys... They need a little
convincing you know?
OK! What do I gotta do?
DO?! Whatta you gotta... Ohoho, it's so stupid!
Well, you gotta, uh you gotta go, get a hair.
A hair...?
Yeah, a hair, uh huh... -elephant trumpets- elephant hair...

No reason for this one whatsoever. Popped into my head. Good movie, I
like it. So, I think I've kind of crossed a line or something on my
mission where all of a sudden I really don't have a lot of new
experiences, particularly in this area. This is an area where the
missionaries before us left us kind of high and dry, no investigaotrs
to really talk to , or pick up again, etc. so we've done a lot of
street contacting. Lots and lots and lots. So I'm terribly sorry, I
don't have a lot of really fantastic stories to tell. Unfortunately,
have not had times that worked out for us to meet with the North Korea
couple, but we're gonna keep pushing for that.

One of the fun things we did this week was kind of mess with the new
missionary in our house. He has a great sense of humor and he laughed
really hard when he found out what was going on. I'm telling you this
so you won't worry and think we were being jerks to him. But, he's at
the phase where he asks all the time what the word for _____ is in
Korean, and all that fun stuff. So, unofficially, we tell him words
that are just way way off, just to see what people's reactions to him
are. Now, the first night we did this, it was with a half hour left or
so before we had to go home. So pretty late. And in Korea, that means
there are a lot of drunk people around. So, one of the things that we
usually like to ask is, have you seen foreigners like us before?
Foreign missionaries? Now the word for foreigner sounds like this.
whehgukeen. Wheh, meaning foreign, outside, different, guk meaning
country or nation, and een signifies a person.whehgukeen. Foreign
country person. Now, we told him to use a slightly different word, onw
they had only told me recently, but we told him the word was
whehgukay, which I think means alien, or something along those lines.
Every person he talked to was just roaring with laughter. We were too.
He caught on pretty quick, but we just had a grand time with it. We
also told him the word for girlfriend was dwehjee, which is actually
the word that means pig. So we had some great laughs to name only a

Ok, I only have time for one more story, and I really need to make it
short, if I had longer I could tell it better, but ... What can you
do. So my companion and I get a call the other day from a name that
neither of us recognized. We answer and the guy asks if he could meet
with us now. So of course we say yes, we meet him at a park and show
him the way to our church. When we saw him, we recognized him right
off the bat. He was a minister we had met earlier, maybe two or so
weeks ago, and he said he had met missionaries before, and he wanted
to chat it up again with us. Got his number, yatta yatta, and here we
are now meeting him. We get to the church, we're in, we sit down, they
try talking to us. Sorry, he had brought his friend with him. They try
talking to us. Then, of course we're not native speakers and they just
start complaining up the whazoo about how they need someone who speaks
better Korean although my companion is really good at it. So, they're
making a lot of noise, and the bishop and his wife downstairs hear it,
and they come up to see if everything is alright. The guys we're
meeting are of course overjoyed to see Koreans to talk to and
immediately have them sit down and discuss stuff with them. Typical
Bashing scene, honestly. Most legit throw down I have ever been a part
of in my life, and I will explain. I do not like bashing, I do not
like that type of fighting. It is fun, true, but the Spriit is
instantly gone, and it seems that no one is really happy about them. I
am not advocating them. BUT! This one was so legit. The bishop and his
wife have both served missions, they have met people like this before,
and, let's just say they know how to handle them. They tagged teamed
it really really well, we helped them out when it came to harder
questions and scriptures, etc, and they were stumped after many of the
answers and questions we gave them. After an hour, we thanked them and
said that we have to leave. They immediately got up and started
yelling and saying stuff like, no we're not done yet, etc. etc. but
right before they left they told us that they had lied originally when
they had told us the name of their church and they now 'revealed' it
to us. All dramatic like. kinda creepy. One guy said I was you to
remember three jahs, -three characters- and he them proceeded to say
them , and announced, that that was where they were from, and a whole
bunch of other stuff. The creepy part was the other guy, the whole
time he kept chanting yook yook yook -six six six- over and over.
REally weird. But yeah, crazy meeting.

This story was really quite an eyeopener to me. I was told afterward
that that was their missionary work. That was what they did. They
found ways to meet with people of other churches, then fight and bash
and destroy those people, and then convert them to their religion.
There are many things going through my mind about that. Normally I
would be more eloquent about this, but time restrains me from doing
so. First thing is that I am so incredibly grateful for the strength
and power of a testimony. Particularly of my bishop and his wife's.
Such strong testimonies coupled with knowledge not only helped them to
withstand such blows from unfriendly sources, but to also rebuke them
and show them that the truth from God will always trump the the so
called wisdoms and philosophies of man. This also brought to my mind
the great appreciation for this gospel. Because, the gospel never
wishes to break down. The Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will
never break down that which is good, true, and just. The Gospel only
asks, that we keep all the good that we already have, and allow the
Fullness to add to our knowledge, and multiply our happiness to an
extent that we cannot believe.

Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed,
Elder Annen