Monday, October 29, 2012


Hagrid, the stranger who gave you the dragon egg! What did he look like?!
Dunno, I ne'er saw his face, kept his hood up!
This stranger though, even he must have talked.
Well, he asked me what sort of creatures I looked after, I told him I
said after Fluffy!
Did he seem interested in Fluffy?
Well of course he was interested in Fluffy!! How often do you come
across a three headed dog, even if you're in the trade! But I told him
I said, I said that the trick with any beast, is to know how to calm
him! Take Fluffy for example. You just play him a little bit o' music
and he falls straight to sleep! ...

... I shouldn't a told ya that...

Hello and what is up everybody?! Hope everything is doing so fine and

dandy! It is over here. So, uh, funny connection with this one, I'm
sure as all of you have guessed it, due to the fact that I left in the
references to a three headed dog named Fluffy, something to do with
dragon eggs... oh and the fact that the first word was Hagrid should
have been a dead give away. Heh. If you did not understand that this
was from Harry Potter, you should hang your head in shame and go stand
in the corner. Seriously. Do it right now til someone comes around and
asks you what you are doing. Then you can come back and finish reading
this letter. 

Quick sidenote, it has been so long since I have even
thought about Harry Potter, I can't remember, tell me if I'm missing
something obvious, but what on earth does happen to Fluffy? Seriously!
I can't remember what happens to him... Them? Hims? They can't be
Hers, Hadgrid mentions its a boy... 

Ahmuhtin, Anyway! The funny connection, so, when I first came to countrty, 
I knew I was gonna see some weird things. I thought that with that kind of 
attitude, I'd never really see some thing that surprised me. But then, what do you
know, I'm on the street one day when I all of a sudden see a man with
a leash which was attached to, believe it or not, a three headed... Ok
I'm just gonna stop right there, I can't write with a straight face
anymore. No! There are no three headed dogs here, but I hope I got a
couple of you with that one. Moving on!

So, sorry I didn't write last week, I was having the kind of week that

makes it so I had a lot on my mind, and I couldn't think well enough
to type so I just... Yeah. Skipped it. But I will tell you the reason.
So I hope everyone remembers the North Korean couple because the story
is about them.(See episode .... .... someone keep track for me)

Ahmuhtin, From what they have told us, the
North Korean couple had to go back to North Korea. Apparently they
need to go back to their hometowns to sign papers and some random
thing or another. There are around maybe fifteen hundred North Korean
dissenters that had to do so. They were having a tank escort them.
But, we've been talking to a couple of members about it and they say
that stuff like this has happened before, but they never come back.

They are immediately arrested and no one outside really hears from

them again... So... Yeah.. That is a really quick rundown of the
drama that unfolded all the night before I had to email. Can you blame
me for having kind of a preoccupied mind that day?! But, they are fine
now. Unfortunately I don't know any more to the story. Some reports I
have heard was that they only had to be really close to the border,
and Yeah. This is the extent of my knowledge of it. One huge reason
being that I was just barely transferred so now I'm gonna have to hear
the story second hand as well... Sad.

My new area is really nice though! I like it, really far away from my

last area though, and I gotta say the move is a tough one. Remember
the subways here at rush hour? (See episode... again, I need someone
to keep track for me I don't have time to cite all these references...

Is it plagiarism if I don't cite my own stuff Mrs. Mattson?) So,

subways, rush hour, now try that with some two really heavy suitcases
and a backpack. (No I didn't lose the other one, we just sent it as a
package... trust me, it was a good idea) It was crazy.

I'm gonna end this email here, wish I could think of a funny story to

send y'all, but... I'm drawing a blank. I'll prepare better next time.
Thousand pardons and all that...

Love y'all tons!

Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed

Elder Annen

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode: Saving Seouls Ep. #... ....

.. Seriously someone keep track.

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