Monday, April 22, 2013

North Korea

Why do I always worry, year after year that something is going to go wrong? It never does!

Hello everyone! This one was really short and to the point I think. This however, does not reference the Boston marathon nor any of the other accidents that have occured recently, I was really sad to hear about all of those events. This quote in many ways is referring to the situation that South and North Korea currently find themselves in. Today I wish to just release my own, for lack of a better word, my own statement on this situation.

Before I do, I want to say thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and worry for me. I'm really grateful for those and for the prayers that have been said for the missionaries here and around the world.

In reference to the quote however, area few situations I would like to bring up, for convenience, let me try two: the swine flu, and for those of you who lived in Utah a couple of years ago, 'Snowmaggedon.' We all remember what had happened. The news media all of a sudden gets the wind of a possible big story, and within a couple of days, they have already reported all the necessary facts, stretching them to their limit, trying to get the story to be seen, to be read, to be watched. The amount of coverage on one subject has those who read it believing that the problems are so much more severe than they actually are.

The Korean people are not worried. I talk to them everyday, lots of them. This is not the only time that North Korea has bought a new sword and rattled it and waved it in the air for everyone to see. He has done this consistently every year for many many years. There were times when the misionaries came here after the war, when the original dictator would often say that he would "celebrate his birthday(April 15) in Seoul," and he never did. This past week, you notice that date has passed as well. This has happened countless times to the Korean people, and though Kim Jong Un has been bolder than before, he has done so knowing that the more attention he gets the better it is for him. As many a spoiled child knows, if you want to get the candy, you sometimes have to throw the tantrum.

Thank you so much for your concern, it means the world to us. We are not yet worried. Nor is the Lord worried. The greatly increased number of missionaries in South Korea in many respects is also what should be expected. As missionaries, we are set apart from the world, we are indeed set apart not only away from the lifestyles and the evils of the world, but also set apart towards a greater number of blessings and greater amount of protection. As missionaries, we are granted an enormous amount of protection, for more than we will ever truly realize in this life. The more protected missionaries that are sent into the field of South Korea to labor, the more protected the country of South Korea will become. If North Korea still decides to continue with his plans, I say so be it. So be it. The Lord has sent hundreds of missionaries, young people who have dedicated, consecrated, two years of their lives to the service of their fellow men, and why, if not to come forth at this time to be a blessing to those who may need the help of the Army of God? Why? The Lord protects and watches over us, the influence and the Spirit that we as missionaries feel at all times and in all places cannot be described in the simple words that our tongue can express. The power of the Spirit at your fingertips, is awe inspiring. We are not worried. We have never fought, yet we do not fear death. If we are called this day to fight to protect our fellow man, so be it. It will be with the arm of God.

What will we do with all these missionaries? We will do what Elder Nelson said we will do. We "will bless the children of Almighty God."

God Bless, and God Speed
Elder Annen

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