Oh, oh I wouldn't go that way if I was you, eh!!
Why not, eh?
Well... There was a reason...

(This is followed by... Oh whatever his name is, the bear stepping
into a trap, where he is flung up into the air and bounces around for
a little bit... Moose just sit there and watch)

So... Did you think of it yet? (the reason)
Oh, No No! But it's killing me too, eh...

Heh.. Love this quote. Haven't seen this one in ages but the scenes
with the moosen always kill me. There really isn't a particular reason
behind this scene as far as I can really think of for this past week.
Don't worry, so far we have not run into any traps like that yet...
And I sure hope that if we do we don't step into a really obvious loop
of rope that is suspiciously attatched to a bent over tree...
Honestly, that would be embarrassing. Anyway! I'm already beginning to
ramble. Wow.

One of the really happy moments of this week was actually in
connection with our recently baptised investigators. Their baptism was
such a wonderful one, with lots of friends and ward members to help
support them and celebrate with them. It was a happy time. But happier
still, I think is when you see their progression afterward. My
companion and I were anxious to see particularly how well they would
get along with the ward and the leaders, etc. Just recently, the
bishop invited many ward members and the newly baptised members as
well as us to dinner. It was one of those invitations that I was, as a
greenie, kind of worried about. I had no idea what I should do or say,
since most of my vocabulary is limited to  gospel lessons, not so much
the everyday stuff. If no one talks to them, what do I do? Try to talk
to them in English? Just stand awkwardly by their side, poker-faced of
course, like their own personal body guard? I had no clue. But all
that worrying  proved to be groundless. They all got along together
wonderfully and by the end they were all talking and laughing and
seemed like they had known each other for forever. This was, I think,
the happiest I have been for them, even more so than the baptism.
Ah... It was just a great time.

In many ways, the life of the missionary is accompanied by something
much like the two moosen mentioned above. Occaisionally, there'll be
something small, saying somehting like, oh I wouldn't go that way if I
was you, eh! or I would go that way eh! and, at first, I responded
with a little bit of skepticism. "Oh, I thought we were supposed to go
that way, but ok..." and, interestingly enough, we always are led to
something unexpected, but with perfect timing. Whether it be running
into an old contact, a member, or a recent convert, we arrive at times
when they need our help. These little moments have greatly
strengthened my testimony as to the promptings of the Spirit. Through
following these promptings, we are always led to bless someone else's
life. I testify as to the power of the Holy Ghost and for the guidance
that it gives to all those who are sensitives to its whisperings,
because I have begun to lose count of these moments! They happen quite

I testify of the truthfulness of this Gospel. Although this may be in
simple language, I mean every word that I type. I know that this is
the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith truely
translated the Book of Mormon from the gold plates by the power of
God. I know that God lives and loves us dearly. I know of the reality
of Christ's Atoning sacrifice for us, that truely we can be forgiven
of all of our mistakes and wrongdoings if we will but come unto him,
and offer him a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Of these things I
testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Good luck, God Bless, and God Speed!
Elder Annen