-Ok I'll keep it simple for you. I'll have a spinach omelette with
wheat toast, got it?
-Can Do!
-What's taking so long?!
-Pick Up!
-Kronk! What are you doing?
-Kinda busy here...
-Why am I not surprised?
-New orders' up!
- Grrrr!.... Oh well... While you're at it, make me the Special!
...And hold the gravy!
-Can do
-You know what? On second thought, make my omelette a meat pie
-Meat pie, coming up
-Kronk! Can I order the potatoes as a side dish?
-I'll have to charge you full price...
- Grrr.....
-Hey, how about a side of potatoes, my buddy?
-You got it, want cheese on those potatoes?
-Thank you Kronk, cheddar will be fine
-Cheddar spuds coming up!
-Spuds yes. Cheese no.
-Hold the cheese
-No, I want the cheese!
-CHeese in
-CHeese? Me no likee...
-Cheese out...
-CHeese IN!
-Oh Come on, make up your mind!
-Ok, OK, on second thought...
-(together) Make my potatoes a salad!

Wow... That was like a marathon for typing as far as the movies quotes
go... Wow...
Anyway, what is up? Hope thigs are all going well over there. If you
are just joining us in this program, what was just quoted was a
continuation off of our last episode where it was sadi there was no
reason whatsoever for the quote, other than that of pure, ridiculous
entertainment. The same reason for the quote has also continued to
today's quote. Any and all complaints of any of the above reasons will
please be reported to Management, thank you. And I have absolutely no
idea why on earth I added that... Hopefully someone laughed while
reading that, or it would have all been a waste... I'd be fine with a
courtesy laugh too,

Moving on. This was a week full of... interesting deveplopments. I
only, unfortunately will be able to report on on e of these due to my
fingers already cramping up from that insane typing marathon that can
be plainly seen above.

One of the evenings we were working, we all of a sudden received a
text from one of the members of our ward, who informed us of the
passing away of one of our members. He had been facing a fierce battle
with a lung cancer that had appeared only about five months or so ago.
I had never met this man, but the more I heard about him, the more I
wish I had. He was apparently a very strong man, both in the secular
and spiritual sense. He had an incredibly strong testimony, and he
taught this  to his family in every way. In connection with Korean
tradition, the funeral is held the day of the passing away. All of our
plans were canceled, and we attended the funeral. I was touched
greatly by the funeral, as well as fascinated. I think I speak for
many who read this when I say that I have never attended a Korean
funeral before. But it was an amazing experience that combined both
the cultural history of Korea with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of
the words spoken I couldn't understand, but the Spirit, the reverece
and the respect that was given from those in attendence mad this a
very memorable experience. I wish I had more time to write about it.

The Cherry Blossom festival also occurred this past week. If you have
not heard about the cherry blossoms here, LOOK IT UP. It is a
marvelous sight to see rows and rows of trees filled with tiny flowers
that give the trees an appearance of being covered in a light pink
snow. Breathtaking. I loved it.

This is where I must leave you for the time being. Please tune in next
week for another exciting episode of...! ... Well... exciting,
maybe.... And I got nothing as far as the show name so... Yeah.

Good Luck, God Bless, And God Speed
Elder Jeremy Annen