What did I miss, am I late?!
Root canal and it's a doosy!
Root canal, huh? What did he use to open it?
Gator Glidden drill
He's been favoring that one. Hope he doesn't (insert line here. For
the life of me I can't remember what it is. It just sounds like
gibberish in my head) Hello! Who's this?
New guy!
The dentist took him off "The Reef"
Howdy! Form my neck of the woods, aye? Sorry if I ever took a snap
atcha. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta eat!

What is happening every body?! Sorry I kinda sorta missed last week.
We had a fun little hiccup in the usual scheme of things and stuff
fell behind. And, I regret to inform you that, due to the increase in
demand and decrease in time, my weekly letters must now,
unfortunately, become bimonthly letters. We regret any misfortune this
may cause you and you family including, but not limited to, fathers,
mothers, sisters, brothers, pets(including pet rocks which I know some
of you have. Don't deny it) and others. If you have any complaints
please inform management, thank you.

Anyway! I don't know why I ramble like that. It just happens. Sue
me... NO! DOn't! That was.. that was another joke. Just forget I said
that and don't reread this email to prove that I in fact did say
that... Oh dear, there I go again.

Anyway! REason for the quote, I just picked one that had something to
doo with animals because these past two weeks, our district had a
little bit of fun with them. Two weeks ago, we went to the zoo. Funny
thing about the zoo in Korea. It is exactly the same as all the others
ones I've been to (for the record, that is just the Hogle Zoo) in the
fact that it seem to have the exact same animals. Weird, right? There
was also a fun little section though that I did not quite expect. It
dealt with the animals from the ricky mountains. Animals like
raccoons... I'll be honest, that section wasn't like... Whoa! for
me... Sorry. It was cool though! One of the sections there had a baby
leopard in it too! It was awesome! And, guess who has two thumbs and
got to hold the baby leapard? That's right, this guy. (insert picture
of me with both my thumbs pointing at me) It Was AWESOME!!! Oh my, who
knew I would come to Korea to hold a baby leopard. Legit. Also, guess
who has two thumbs and got bitten by the baby leapard? ... ...Yep...
This guy too... IT was AWESOME! I felt bad, thought I did something
wrong, but apparently he does that a lot. So sick. For those of you
who are concerned, I was only in the hospital for a couple of days...
PSYCH! Nah, it was honestly like playing with my dog Coco, didn't
hurt. But it was definitely a surprise.

Other fun thing that happened this past week was a food challenge I
took. I remember being told when I was younger, don't know if this is
true haviong never tried it, but apparently when you cut off a
chicken's head, it still has the ability to run around for awhile
based entirely off reflex. Turns out, this is the same for octupus.
After you kill it by chopping off the head, the tentacles will
continue to work for quite a long time after that. So, our district
tested to see if it was true. Trust me, it is. How do we know? Cuz
after it happened, we ate it. It's hard to deny when a tentacle is
stuck on the inside of your cheek. Legit.

Well, hope that was enjoyable and possibly a little disgusting.  Now,
we shall move on. Couple of things happened this week that have left
me feeling really at peace with the world. First. The Brother who I
had the blessing of baptizing has just received the Aaronic
Priesthood. I honestly cannot describe with words the feelings that I
had during this. Suffice it to say, I felt joy at it. It was not quite
happiness or excitement. But joy. It was a wonderful sacrament
meeting. While yes, the decision of baptism and following through with
it is joyful, greater joy is added unto it when you see them
continuing on the path you have helped them find. Ah...

One thing I also witnessed was more personal. I was studying the
Conference Talks as part of my study time, when something small
happened. I have never been one to go or listen to General Conference
with a question. Maybe once or twice, but it was much more casual than
it should have been. But this time, I was really truely wondering to
myself what I could be doing better, and how I could improve. Without
really searching for an answer, I flipped through the magazine, and
came across Cheryl A. Esplin's talk with how we should teach children.
This was incredible for me. While I started out just reading for the
sake of reading, I found so many connections and answers to my
unspoken question that I was literally just shocked. Although this was
honestly not that huge of a deal, only affecting me, this served as a
wonderful testimony builder for me, particularly that the words spoken
in General Conference are words that will have application far greater
than the topic the words are addressed to. Continually study the words
given to us by the Lord's servants. And, even more particularly, study
with a question. The words themselves may not answer our questions.
But the act of exercising faith, of opening the pages, reading with a
purpose, invites into our hearts and our minds the Greatest Teacher in
our lives. The Spirit truely brings thoughts and pronmptings to our
minds when we exercise our faith and do all we can to seek it's

Good luck, God bless, and God Speed

Elder Annen

"I've held bigger snakes than this before but! It was another chance for me to pose :).
 How could I refuse that?"