Well Hey Howdy Hey!
-man on phone- "Mr. Incredible, we need your help!"
-hangs up-
-gets all decked out in superhero stuff-
"Show time"
-tries to put on belt...
- struggling-
-more struggling-
-wife- "Honey, it's time for dinner!"
"I CAN'T come to dinner, I ... I gotta GO!"
-continues to struggle-
-calls to wife- "Maybe just a salad! . . . Ooh, and some rice cakes!"
-finally puts on belt-
-which then proceeds to shoot off rapidly-
If you got the quote where this was from, I gotta say I am impressed. If you did not get where this was from, this was a little trickier. This was one of those previews of the Pixar movies they put as kind of an advertisement for the upcoming films. They did one for The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, Monster's Inc.,... I think you get the idea. This was the preview for the Incredibles (You'll notice, they call him by his name in the first sentence ;) ).
My reason for putting this one up? Well... Imagine this same scene, except that instead of at home putting on my supersuit, it was in the temple, trying to put on my white pants... Yeah... Not exactly the greatest thing to happen to you at approximately six thirty in the morning. So, instead of trying this continually for the next ten fifteen minutes, I just decided to go rent a pair instead. This way, I would be allowed to breathe when I finally did get them on. What a morning.
This is honestly the first week that I've been here that really has flown by. (Ha. Rhymed) Seriously! I guess I must be adapting to this whole schedule thing that is going on here in the MTC. It took me a bit, but I finally got there in the end. Although I gotta say I'm not too happy with the adjustment my body is making. Ah well. The good news about that problem is that for gym we will now have to option of doing a P90X workout in addition to all the wonderful recreational activities. Now, I haven't ever done P90X before, but I have been told that it is a wonderfully relaxing exercise that is mostly comprised of gentle stretching and deep breathing, along with a couple of exercises. Ha! Gotcha. For those of you who don't know me very well, that was a part where I was being incredibly sarcastic. And, for those of you who don't know what P90X is, it is basically an exercise where all you can do afterward is deep breathing and gentle stretching, if you catch my drift. Hence the sarcasm :)
Ah boy.
Oh yeah! The natives here are such a blast to be around! A lot of them are going to missions in Korea so when I finally get there, I will actually know some people! Yay! They are helping out quite a bit when it come to the language too. They help correct our pronounciation and in many ways force us to speak Korean to them because they sometimes have no idea what we are trying to say to them. Fun fact that I've learned about these Korean people though. If you've ever visited my house, you will most likely have met my dog, Coco. He's a Jack Russell Terrier and has energy like you wouldn't believe. And when he's out of energy, you don't really want to mess with him. Yeah, the Koreans are like that as well. They are very fun people to talk to and mess around with... But when they are studiying... Yoiu better have a good reason for interrupting their train of thought :) Ok,. not to that extreme, but you get the idea!
Alrighty, I have gotta head. But! Thanks for reading these letters, hope they bring your lives joy and happiness. If not, hope they at least made you smile... If not that... then I don't really know what to say... Sorry for wasting your time? I don't know.
Good luck to you and all your endeavors!
Good luck and God speed!
제레미 아넨 징로
Elder Jeremy Annen