Hey kid, what's eating you?
Nothing! He's at the top of the food chain!
(Timone bursts out laughing)
The FOOD CHAIN! Ha ha.... eh...

What's a motto?
Nothing, what's a motto with you?!
(Timone bursts out laughing again)

Ever had those moments where either you are the only one laughing at a
joke or the only one not laughing at a joke cuz you didn't get it?
Because I have had so many of those moments it's hard for me to count.
Now, there's also that situation where someone doesn't get the joke
and then a little later on they all of a sudden get it and burst out
laughing. Love those moments. Mostly for the fun fact that jokes
people would tell and comments people made about three or four months
ago are starting to make sense and I'm beginning to chuckle randomly
as the weeks go on. For example, -insert concrete detail- -insert
source-. -insert deep yet witty commentary about concrete detail-.
Sorry, English class joke. Anyway, I would make comments when I first
got here like, "Wow, it is so humid here!" "Whoa, that is a crowded
subway" and "Man, it's raining hard!" For some reason unknown to me at
the time, My companion and whoever was with me at the time would start
laughing and always tell me something along the lines of "you have no

I did not understand at all. That subway I had talked about didn't
have anyplace to sit down and about ten people were standing. Now, in
America, that can be considered crowded. Then, I was on the subway
when rush hour hit. Believe me, I was laughing really hard as I
finally figured it out. You know how there is a steroetype for Asian
public transportation being crowded? There is actually a reason for
that. Rush hour equals you are squeezed into the subway and once the
subway is completely full, squeeze another ten or so people in there.
That is rush hour. It's awesome.

We also had some small fun moments here. Turns out, Korean culture has
the idea that milk is the reason people are tall. My zone leader is
about six foot four, and everyone comments that wow he must have had a
lot of milk when he was younger. Then they look at me. I'm not short,
but compared to him I am. So last Saturday, we're playing basketball
and a little girl asks the zone leader why I'm not as tall as him.
After he shrugged and said he doesn't know, she made the comment "He
needs to drink more milk." For those of you who know me or have lived
with me, you know why this is funny. For those of you who don't, I
will explain. Before my mission, I went through about six gallons a
week. Dead serious. The best part was I asked my zone leader. Turns
out, he hates milk. Loathes it. I am terribly sorry Korea, but I think
we can safely assume that milk has no effect on height whatsoever.

Ah, alrighty. When missionaries are being trained, we get to watch
these wonderful DVDs of missionaries actually teaching people. They're
called "THe District." And they are all over the place. They can be
spiritual, kind of annoying, funny, basically all the things that can
happen during the mission they make sure to cover. But they
interviewed one of the recents converts, she made a comment that
really got my attention and touched my heart. She said something along
the lines of, "Here, everybody cares about you. Even if they don't
know you, there's always a warm smile for you. And if things are so
happy and warm here, can you imagine in the in the heavens? I just
can't wait." Many testimonies of conviction and hope have been given
in this world. But this is a testimony that touches hearts. This is a
testimony that brings the Spirit. This is a testimony that everyone
can understand. And I will tell you right now that I completely agree
with her statement. I testify also of what is to come in the next
life. What is waiting for us there is nothing short of warmth and
happiness that comes from being in the presence of God and in the
presence of each other. I just can't wait. But I will, and while I
wait, I am going to try as hard as I can to help people understand

I know and love the truthfulness of this gospel. I love our Saviour
Jesus Christ, and am in awe of the sacrifice which he gave for every
one of us.

Until next time y'all :)
Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed
Elder Annen
"My first visit to a Buddhist temple!  It was apparently a small one but it was fun to go.  A monk gave us a little tour.  She was shocked that I understood a little Korean ;).  Really fun."