Well then. How about a quick round of ... Catch and Fire?
Ca...ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-ca Catch and Fire?! You mean ME?!
You're the only one with enough c-c-c-c-c-c-courage!

Are you sure you're all right?
Hmm..? Oh ys yes, I'm fine... OUCH! Too tight! Too tight!
Whoops! So sorry.
He's ready! Remember now, aim for the heart! Right between the shoulders!

-shoots arrow-
-catches arrow, fires it right back. Splits apple in half-

Fifty two!! Out of fifty two! Well done, Derek! ... Extraordinary
courage man, just think! One inch lower, and that arrow would have...!
-Bromly passes out-

Ah, love this movie. I had completely forgotten about this one too,
until my companion recently brought it to my attention; one thing that
has been a huge change for me from the last two companions of mine has
been that my companion not only understands all my English, but happens
to know his movies like the back of his hand. Way too much fun. Anyway,
this one's from a movie called the Swan Princess. Yes, yes I am
shocked too that I did in fact use a princess movie. Sorry. But!
Give it a chance, it's a funny one.

Ah, alrght. These past few days have been absolutely incredible. I
honestly don't know where to start. That was just an expression that
just popped out of course I know where to start you just start at the
beginning, everyone knows that. When I had first received my transfer
call I wasn't sure what the deal was. They had transfered me to an
area that was just a 20-30 minute bus ride away. In the same zone
even. It was one of those calls that I didn't really know how to react
to just... Oh, oh ok, yeah I can go there. Little on the disappointing
side, not gonna lie, but this area is awesome, I love it. I also
realize the incredible blessing that being close to my last area is.
There was a really big event in our ward there. The Nepali Sister I
helped teach had her wedding. My last companion invited me to the event
and, against all odds, everything worked out for my companion and I to
miss our meetings and appointments, etc. Nothing short of a miracle. I
wasn't really sure what to expect either. I've been in this new area
for the past three almost four weeks and I was wondering how things
would go.

Basically, it was hilarious how the members reacted to me.

Some of them would realize right off the bat that 'Oh! Elder Annen
came to visit!' and then they'd ask me which area I was in and how I
was doing, etc, etc. Others, I'd be talking to and they would
originally just be 'oh yes, elder, how are you nice to see you, yes I'm
well, the food's good isn't it?' and then all of a sudden in the
middle of the conversation their eyes would go huge and then they'd be
'Oh! Elder Annen! You're here? What are you doing here?' We all got a
really good laugh out of that. The Nepali Sister's husband was the
greatest though. I shook his hand and greeted him no less than five
times. I don't really blame him, I imagine he couldn't really think
straight that day. But finally on the sixth time I went up to him,
about an hour and a half after the wedding, he finally got it. We had
such a wonderful time. It was honestly like a large family reunion for
me. So much fun. The greatest part was the kids though. Many of them
didn't remember me, sad day. But one of the kids was asked by his dad
if he remembered me. When the kids said no, the dad reminded him,
'this is the elder that came to our house and ate all our meat!' ... I
was taking a drink at the time and let's just say that was very bad
timing on my part. The dad and I had a great laugh about that. And it
turns out, the kid remembered after that! I loved it.

There's really a lot that went through my head after that big event.
Seriously a lot. I have been told countless and countless times that
the joy from missionary work is beyond any joy that you have ever felt
before. And let me tell you, I didn't believe it at all. When I first
came here the work was hard, the language was hard, working with my
companion was hard, the food was weird... In all honesty, this was not
a joyful expeience for me. At first. I have thought countless times
that these people really don't understand happiness if they think that
this work was the most joyful experience in the world. But after this
weekend I realized how truly and deeply wrong I was. It's true, I have
had so many experiences where I felt really happy. I felt happy at
baptisms, at confirmations, at picnics, gatherings, but last weekend
was the first time I experienced something that the only way I could
describe it would be to describe it as joy. Pure, brilliant joy. It is
honestly not something that can be described through anything other
than actually feeling this joy. The feeling of the seeing those
friends of mine making covenants with God, with seeing my friends
happy, seeing people who I worked with, seeing people I only saw at
church, seeing, meeting, talking with these people coupled with the
Spirit of God in every corner of that room... I cannot describe it. I
have heard many times people answer the question "was it worth it?"
with "yes, of course it was." But I don't think I have understood that
true conviction and certainty of being able to answer without a doubt
that all the homesickness, all the pain, all the sweat, all the tears,
all the rejection, everything that afflicts missionaries in the field,
that all of that is of course worth it. It is worth it. This mission
has been the greatest decision of my life. Even if that is the last
time that I feel that kind of joy on my mission, it will be enough for

I wish you all the greatest, and the best of luck in everything.

Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed,
Elder Annen