Boys, boys less noise please..
Oh hello Father..
You old bilge rat!
Wha-wha what?! Now see here Michael..
Oh, not you Father, you see he's Peter Pan...
... And John's Captain Hook!
Yes yes of course. Have you see my cuff link OH NANNA FOR GOODNESS
SAKE! Where are those cuff links!?

This one just popped into my mind and I had a really fun time just
replaying the part where Michael says "You old bilge rat!" I don't
know why, but hey, it's funny.

(By the way, in case you missed the dead giveaway on the fifth line...
It's from Peter Pan)

Big News!! My first transfer to a new area! And turns out it's in the
same zone as I was before, literally the next subway stop over. The
members here and I have a great little laugh about that when they find
out that was my first area. Next time, they tell me, I'm going to go
all the way across the country. Outside, I laugh and agree but
honestly, I hope not. It is a huge hassle to take your bags onto a
subway crowded with people. Anyway.

Had some fun with my new copmanion! He is American, and guess what? He
loves his movies. WE quote them all the time and no one has any idea
what's going on. It's like old times again for me, I love it. Ran into
a little bit of a hiccup though. We were quoting Spongebob episodes a
couple days ago, having a great time. One of my favorite episodes is
the one where everyon is throwing Sandy a surprise birthday party, and
the only to get her to the party without her knowing is to uh make fun
of Texas :) So, I jump to this episode and start cracking some of the
stupid jokes that they make and I am just having a great time. I tell
him, " Remember this one? Where Spongebob is in the shape of Texas and
he asks, 'Hey, Patrick, guess what I am!' 'Uh... Stupid?' 'No! -insert
Spongebob laugh- Texas!' to which Patrick replies, 'what's the
difference?'" I'm just busting up at this point then I realize he's
just smiling, not really laughing.... Do you know what a heart attack
feels like? I didn't either until he told me he was from Texas. Heart
stopped right there. It was all chill though, he's awesome.

Ah, one of the things I am enjoying about this new area is that I am
able to meet tons of new people here. I was quite blessed my first day
to meet with a member in his early nineties, one of the coolest
experiences I have had so far. I honestly don't know how to really
describe the experience. He is too old and frail to really leave the
house, but man does this man have the Spirit around him. When he
opened the door and greeted us in his quiet voice and big smile, I
couldn't help but really smile with him. Nothing incredible happened
to us there, but it was one of the tender mercies of the Lord to have
him be the first person I visited with in this new area. The message
we shared with him was one that was shared to me by another
missionary. I love it mostly for it's simplicity, and it's ability to
capture everything we teach. 1 Ne 11:17. "...I know that he loveth his
children; nevertheless I do not know the meaning of all things." How
profound a statement. Many people here have indeed challenged our
knowledge of things. It is common for missionaries here in Korea to
have confrontations with those members of churches who have an
incredible knowledge of the scriptures, far beyond anything that we
could honestly argue against. It isn't uncommon for people to attack
our religion as well, slandering and criticizing those who lead this
church, for those who are members, to attack them on the basis that
they aren't perfect people and therefore they can't be called of God.
If they were, they wouldn't make mistakes, or mess up, etc. etc. One
of the things that I have really learned as a missionary is how
imperfect we all are. Many people in the MTC mentioned that
missionaries are looked up to as spiritual giants, as people who
should have the Spirit with them at all times, always on a spiritual
high. I'm just going to mention quickly that we don't. WE aren't
perfect, we're 19-21 yrs old, and we definitely do not know all
things, not even the language we're trying to communicate in. But we
can tell you what we do know. We know that God Lives. We know that
Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and His gospel has been restored
to the earth through modern day prophets. And we know, without a
doubt, that God "...loveth his children." And we are here trying to
help everyone feel that love.

Love y'all tons, and I hope these next few weeks are awesome for you!

Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed,
Elder Annen