Abominable! Heh, can you believe that? Do I look abominable to you? I
mean why can't they call be the Adorable Snowman, or or the Agreeable
Snowman for crying out lound?! I'm a nice guy! . . . Snow cone?


Naw naw naw, don't worry, it's lemon!

I am still amazed at how long it took me to get this joke. I didn't
JUST get it, mind you, it was a few years ago. I was laughing like
crazy though when I did figure it out though... Ah... Those were good
days. There's really nothing much to connect to this joke other than
the fact that my compaion also takes some time to understand the jokes
that I crack here and there...Ah, too bad. I'll make good jokes too!
They'll be in the moment, and usually I'd at least get a chuckle or
chortle from someone, but... I just have to make due with a little
glance over, with a questioning look that says, "did you want to say
something?" to which I just give a small shake of the head and move on
with life. Heh.

That awkward moment when you are standing in front of an elevator,
you've checked your watch eleven, twelve times or so, and then you
realize your companion is chuckling to himself is always a jun awkward
moment. It gets even more fun when you all of a sudden notice a sign
that is next to the elevator that says "엘리베이터 부서집니다" and you realize
that you could wait there all day and nothing would happen because the
elevator is in fact broken. Lovely.

Ah... Yeah, I guess that was a perfect example of when those "I don't
get it" moments happens to me. Ah well. Ooh! One more fun little thing
that happened to me a couple of weeks ago actually, but was reminded
of it recently. So, we received a referral form someone in someplace,
I honestly can't remember to save my life. Turns out the man is a
police officer, which was no problem at all. In fact, my companion has
done some police wrok as well when he served his time in the military,
so he was pretty stoked. We meet with him during his luch break at the
station, they're talking about this and that and how the price of rice
has gone up or whatever. I'm just sitting there with a wonderful look
of happy idiocy on my face, and straining to understand what's going
on (which I didn't, I only really know gospel words at the moment, and
the opening conversation didn't invlove that yet). Anyway, I pick up
the thread of the conversation when the investigator asks about
missionary work, and my companion mentions that I've been in Korea for
four weeks. The investigator then stops, grows serious, looks me
straight in the eye.... and says a sentence of gibberish.... You know
that feeling when your heart just plummets to the floor? ... Yeah... I
want into panic mode, frantically looking at my companion, who says to
me "do you have your foreign registration card?" And I could not think
of what that was for the life of me. I hadn't received it yet. So I'm
scrambling through my backpack, wondering what on earth I was
searching for, when my companion remembers that I don't receive it
until the end of my first transfer... Wow... That did nothing to help
my blood pressure.

Ah... Well, one thing that has come to mind often this past week are
the Lord's tender mercies, and how often I fail to notice them. One of
the times that I really noticed them though, was just yesterday. We
were just getting back to our apartment to break our fasts after about
three hours of proselyting and trying to visit some less active
members in the ward. I was beat, I'll be honest. We were done talking,
so my head was hanging down a bit, staring at the ground, putting one
foot in front of the other. All of a sudden, I heard a little voice
call softly out "Hi!" I reacted maybe a little bit more sudden than I
normally would have. I saw two young girls, maybe six or seven years
old, on a playground set about thirty feet away. I smiled, waved back
and called out how are you? I don't know whether or not they heard or
understood me, but just that one word in my native language coupled
with a smiling friendly face, changed that day around for me. It was
such a wonderful blessing, and I am so very grateful for it. Just a
little question for you. Do you believe that angels of all shapes and
sizes surround us? I know I do, I was blessed to see two of them just

I hope everyone happy and healthy whereever y'all are.

Good luck, God Bless, and God Speed

Elder Jeremy Annen