Well 아녕 하세여 여러분!!!
 -anyong haseyo yohroboon-
Hello everybody!
-MOM!! MOM!!
- (gasp) TJ!
-There's guys at the school! They're doing some kind of evil experiment!
-That bonk on the head must have rowled your little brain! You wait right here. I'll go get the baby thermometer and the petroleum jelly!
-Uh... DAD!! DAD!!
-TJ, did you run into the sliding glass door again?
-Come back! Your mom's gonna wanna take your temperature!
I really had no reason for putting this quote up... Sorry... Hope I'm not disappointing anyone. This just happened to one that i was quoting a couple of hours ago, and it was the first one that popped into my head when I started this email. So! There you go, that's my reason, as lame as it may seem to some people.
My companion and I did have a little bit of an adventure this week however. And I guess this actually does have some connection with the quote that I just gave even though I ahd no intention it when I was actually typing, but now i don't really want to go back and erase and edit all the wonderful things I've written already, because that would require wasting precious typing email time. And yes, I am aware that explaining all this is taking up more time than if I just decided to go back and erase, but continuing to type has seemed like the most fun course of action to take, and, it was, thank goodness. But i digress.
As I was saying, my compasnion and I had a little adventure this past week. We both decided that we were getting a little too stir crazy, so we hatched a plot. Instead of breaking into a school like TJ and his buddies, we were going to break out of the MTC. So, we gathered up all of our escape equipment, took out all of the twenty seven guards surrounding the compound, including the ones in the towers. Used the cafeteria salsa to dissolve the razor wire fence surrounding the place, and, amidst sirens and helicopters swooping over, we made our escape. Did this really happen, you may ask. Why yes yes it did. The story just happened to have been slightly more embellished from the original one... maybe more like a fair amount embellished... Alright, it was nothing like that at all. Hope you enjoyed the story though. Long story short (too late) my companion and I got shuttled off the compound to drop by RIte Aid to snag a couple of things from the pharmacy. Not as awesome I'm afraid. BUT WE GOT TO RIDE IN A CAR!!!! I'm talking about the type of transportation where you can move from place to place without taking a single step! It was awesome, not gonna lie. And it was in one of those legit vans that can go from zero to sixty in about four point six minutes! Yeah, no big deal. It was a nice change for us though.
Last Tuesday was the fiftieth anniversary of the MTC though, and there were many rumors flying around that the First Presidency was going to be there. Naturally, we were all stoked to go to this Devotional. I mean, who wouldn't? (That was rhetorical, I don't want to get a whole bunch of letters with two word answers on them... That would be ridikulus) So! I gotta make this quick, running out of time... again. ANYWAY! My district got in line early, roughly about two hours early because it was our P day, but regardless of the fact that we were so close to the beginning of the line, we still didn't make it in. So, extremely disappointed, we went into the overflow. Then, like manna from heaven, the row that I happened to be sitting in got picked to take up the empty seats scattered throughout the... the ... theater?... Auditorium! there we go, that's the word for it. And it was awesome, we had Russell M Nelson and Jeffrey R Holland come and speak to us. And there you go. It was awesome.
Anyways! Gotta blast! So good luck, God speed, and watch out for the 토기 토기!!!
제레미 아넨 장러
Elder Jeremy Annen