"There are the flash fires, which are all smoke and flames and burn
themselves out. Then there's the long burn. Even when you think it's
out, the forest floor is still warm to the touch"

Alrighty, this one is actually wuite an obscure one, I am positive
that the majority of you will not be able to figure this one out. But
that's Ok, cuz I am gonna end the suspense real quick here. It is from
a movie that's about fighting forest fires called Always. The reason I
chose this one has a lot to do with what has happened over the past
week. Now, I've gotten pretty used to the spicyness of the food.
Whenever we go to a members house for dinner or go out to dinner, they
always warn me, it's spicy. So, after hearing that, I straighten my
back, adopt an exaggerateed eye of the tiger pose, and eat whatever it
is as quickly as I can. I've gotten quite used to it. However, one
thign I hate is when my copompaion offers me a pepper and tells me not
to worry, it's not that spicy, whereupon he downs the pepper no
problem. Now, I'm sure it's not spicy for him, but those peppers
really pack a punch for me. So... when this past week rolls around,
I'm feeling pretty good about myself and my wonderful spice skills,
and my companion asks me "Are you ready to try the hell?" at first I
am confused. I stood there wondering, what on earth does he mean if he
asks me if I'm ready to try the hair? What hair? My own? Is that like
a delicacy here? Before I panic too much, I figure it all out. He
warns me that it's really spicy chicken food, but, of course, I pull a
Kuzco and say "Bring it on!!" What a poor, innocent sweet little child
I was. Ah... Breaks my heart.... I pop a piece of this chicken kabob
in my mouth on the way home, and at first I feel nothing. Some spices
you feel it immediately, and then it's gone quickly. Hence the quote.
But! don't forget the second half. What happened next was a perfect
movie moment. I had just enough time to think to myself, "What did he
mean this was spicy?! This tastes delicious! There's nothing wro..."
...What happened next you may ask? The answer: The Long Burn. I was
about a mile or so away from our house when this happened. I wish
someone would have timed me. Not gonna go into detail, but let's just
say, it was spicy. Very, very, very spicy. Wow...

I also feel like this is a good time to apologize ahead of time for
what may happen when I arrive back home. You see, everyone always says
they don't want to be the weird missionary when they get back home. I
am afraid to say that I will most likely be one of these really
awkward missionaries. Sorry. Really, I'm sorry. But I have some good
reasons for it! First of all,  we're not allowed to shake hands with
the Sisters. Not cuz of the Mission rules, but because you don't do
that in Korea. It's just plain weird. It's like going up to someone in
the US, bowing to them and saying "Hi how's it goin?" You just don't
do that. Also, I briefly touched on it is the bowing. You are only
supposed to wave to those younger than you. You must always bow to
those who are older than you, regardless of if they have waved first
to you or not. YOU BOW, OK? So, if I bow the next time I meet you...
Cut me some slack, would ya? I'm working on it. Also, should be the
last one, but my sarcasm and any amount of wit and funniness I may
have had is slippin away... Tear... Mostly becasue of my companion. He
speaks English well, but he doesn't understand the subtleties of the
jokes that I make. For example, one time, I said to him after he
wanted to practice teaching one more time "OH, I am going to kill
you..." He looks at me with this look on his face like he couldn't
believe what I said, and says, "wait... wha..?" To which I quickly
respoinded, oh, it's ok, I was just joking. Looks at me again, this
time serious. "Not a very funny joke." Yeah I felt kind of bad... But!
that's culture for you.

Alright, I need to start wrapping up. One of the things I love about
this mission already is that we have the opportunity to visit the
Seoul Temple. It was  so very nice. We met up with many of the
missionaries from the entire mission, to which we were so happy about.
Little family reunion with all of the missionaries from the older
district at the MTC. Happy day.

Loved General Conference this time around. It is honestly a huge
holiday for the missionaries. We buy snacks and treates and all sorts
of wonderful goodies, get together at the stake center, and enjoy. I
don't think I've had so much fun with conference. Good times. Wish I
could talk more, but time is runnin out.  Elder Holland and Elder
Oaks' talks were great to listen to. I really felt the Spirit with
theirs. Next time I will try to talk a little more about all the
spiritual things. Terribly sorry.

Wish you all the best of luck!
Good Luck, God Bless, and God Speed
애넌 장로

Sister SonHee Cho, our friend from Monterey Ward in California is in Jeremy's zone.
It's a  small world!