"Hey Good Morning Monsteropolis!
It is now five after the hour of six am in the big Monster city!
Temperatures a whopping sixty-five degrees, which is good news for you
reptiles, and it looks like it's going to be a perfect day  to maybe
lie in bed, sleep in, or maybe... WORK OUT THAT SLAB THAT'S HANGING

And good morning to you as well! I really wish that we were having the
aforementioned weather over here in Korea. As of now, its a little bit
different. One thing I am really trying and failing at right now is
trying to love all of the wonderful humidity that's going on here! As
it turns out, that is an incrdible hard task for me. I'm usually a
winter kinda guy. I like the kind of weather that only requiresyou to
wear jeans and a t-shirt. If it must be summer, then I prefer to spend
such a summer by a pool during almost all parts of the day. This will
therefore be one of the first summers in the apast four years that I
will not be doing such,but I will be doing nearly the opposite. that
is, not only wearing a shirt, but a church shirt, and slacks to go
with it... With round 80-100% humidity. Be still my soul. Another
wonderful thing that is occuring simultaneously with the influx of
both temperature and humidity is the marvelous arrival of that season
that brings pollen. need I say any more? Let's just say, it'll be an

Also, I passed my four week mark of being in country. That was just
weird. I atually had a little bit of a panic attack, thinking, "I
haven't done anything these past four weeks! I am a terrible
missionary!" Then, of course, I realized that I amgoing to be here for
the next few months or so, give or take a year, and Korean is going to
take awhile to get the hang of. I have a feeling this was not the
first nor the last of such melt-downs.

The biggest and best thing that happened this past week was a baptism,
my first one. Ah, and what a wonderful one it was. It was this couple
that have been investigators for the past couple of months, and they
are just golden. They are someof the kindest people I have ever me.
This batism was actually quite rare, so I'm told, because it involved
two people in the same family. These appaently don't happen very often
here. My companion surprised me thenight before the baptism. He opened
up the page in his Missionary Handbook to the Korean baptismal praye,
and told me to start studying. I was going to baptize one of them.
Uhh.... i felt like Po did after Master Shi-Fu said, "Let's get
started." "Wwa-wa-wait... Now?!" It went very well though. Ah, I'm not
sure how to explain it. I just hope we have another one soon.

This is where I must go. I hope everything goes well for you. Good
Luck, God Bless, and God Speed!

Elder Annen