Well Hey Howdy Hey! Unfortunately, no Korean characters today, my
computer is being a moron and not letting me access the Korean
keyboard. Lame. Anyway! Enjoy!

(As always, any and all grammatical and/or spelling errors that may or
may not occur in this coming email are as a result of prolonged study
of the Korean language and do not in any way exist for the purpose of
offending any and all persons who may happen care deeply for the
English language)

-Only TWO passengers unaccounted for, Skipper!

-That's a number I can live with! Good landing boys, who says a
penguin can't fly?

-Hey! Happy slappers! Is this some reason to celebrate?! Look at the plane!!

-We'll fix it...

-Fix It?! How on earth are you going to fix THIS?!

-Grit, spit... and a whole lot of duct tape. We should be up and
running in say... Six to nine months.

-Sixty-nine MONTHS?!

- No, six TO nine months

I can only think of a couple reasons for putting this one up. One,
when I get on that plane I really really wish that this doesn't happen
to us, because that would do nothing to help my sanity whatsoever.
Secondly, this is really what it felt like to come here to the MTC.
People would tell me that I am going to be here for twelve weeks, and
I would be automatically thinking "Oh my goodness that is such a long
ways away." But, now that I have gotten to this part of the MTC, it
seems a lot closer than I had originally thought. I really hope this
thought actually made sense. It made sense while I was writing the
past couple of sentences, but I really don't know how it comes across
from a third party perspective.

Well, this past week has been one of the most incredible weeks for
speakers that entire time that I have been here in the MTC. Starting
with the farthest away, last Tuesday night's devotional, we had a
pretty awesome little presentation given by a guy named Elder Jefferey
R. Holland. Yeah, that's right, that guy. The one who likes to get up
in your face every other General Conference or so. And oh my goodness,
he gave an absolutely wonderful devotional about missionary work. I
honestly couldn't tell you very accurately what he spoke about, as I
was too absorbed in listening to him and the Spirit than actually
writing stuff down in my notes. Needless to say, he spoke with
incredible power and tenderness, and left us all with a message in our
hearts unique to every person within the sound of his voice.
ABsolutely incredible.
Oh, and another speaker that we had was pretty good too. This one was
on last Sunday evening. It was some guy whom I had not heard of until
about three weeks or so ago when I listened to a recording on an MP3
player of one of his devotionals. His name was something along the
lines of an Alex Boye. Yeah, hope you've heard of him becasue he is an
amazing speaker. He started off telling us his story, which he did in
an absolutely hilarious way, making jokes right and left, his friend
playing the piano to add comedic effect to his words. He sang a couple
of songs for us, then closed in an extremely spiritual way. I feel so
blessed to have been able to be in the MTC during the time that these
two amazing speakers were present, and in the same week too!

AH yes, it has been quite the week. I am, however, not sure where all
the time went on my computer, but I really gotta head now. Wish I
could always write more, but sometimes I am just not that lucky. I
wish you all the very best of luck in all endeavors that you may be

Good luck, and God speed!

Elder Jeremy Annen

Elder Jeremy Annen with Elder Ryan Gale in the MTC.  Elder Gale used to live in our ward in Sandy, UT.